The Allergy And Free From Show 2017

The Allergy And Free From Show 2017

I spent a few hours on Sunday going up and down the aisles of Allergy & Free From Show 2017 on a mission to find the most interesting products in terms of free-from nutrition. Because I ended up liking quite a lot of the options, I decided to feature them below, grouping them based on use or intention. Enjoy the ideas!


The Precious POD  They have a wide variety of hummus options, all made out of organic ingredients, gluten free and vegan. The ones we loved most and eventually bought were the “Organic Rose Harrisa Hummus” and the “Organic Turmeric Hummus”. A nice fact is that this is actually a family business and we had the chance to meet most of its members at the expo.

Explore Pasta A wide variety of pasta products made out of beans, pulses and rice, so everything is vegan, organic and gluten free. You can also find them on Amazon:

  • The Precious POD
  • Explore Pasta Stand
  • Explore Pasta Products


So Free Chocolate I have to say among some of the chocolates I tasted at the show, these guys had a few amazingly delicious options. They are among the oldest vegan company in UK. All their chocolates are made in their own factory so they can ensure the highest standards are kept and no animal products are used in any part of their manufacturing process. Their chocolates are nut and gluten free. They have a “No Added Sugar” range which is sweetened with Finnish birch xylitol. Order it on their website and have a try.

Miiro Ice Cream It is a vegan, gluten free, no added sugar, no preservatives, super delicious ice-cream. We had the peanut butter and salted caramel options. They certainly made our day. Find them in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic store.

Coconut Merchant These guys are my absolute favourite in anything coconut related. And whoever knows me well, knows I love coconut products. A few of their best products I order regulalrly are the toasted chips: and their coconut jam spread: You can’t regret buying any of them!

  • So Free Chocolate
  • Miiro Ice Cream
  • Coconut Merchant Spreads and Snacks

Protein Bars, Energy Bars

Zoot Foods They had really great tasting bars. Some of them are vegan, gluten free and they don’t have any added sugar. The sweetness of their bars is coming from the energy boosting fruits packed inside. We tasted and then bought the coconut orange and the cashew and caramel options. We are definitely looking forward to tasting more of their bars. You can buy their products on their website as well as on Amazon:

Hangry Food very good energy bars, wheat free, vegan and refined sugar free. You can shop on their website.

Tobia Teff This was a new one for me, I have to admit. Apparently, there is a South African grain, called teff, that is the primary cereal in Ethiopia. You can grow and use it to make bread, porridge or some alcoholic drinks. It is gluten free and these guys have a number of products made out of this grain. I tried their bars, but I am very tempted of trying their porridge product here:

  • Zoot Bar Collection
  • Zoot Stand
  • Hangry Bar Collection
  • Tobia Teff Bars


Body Me Proteins I am very much on the lookout nowadays for a good protein powder mix. As a vegan, it is always a mission to find the right blend. These guys seemed to offer a good range of plant-based protein powders. This one seemed to be popular:

Organic Powerfoods Loved the options here. So many combinations, from green leans to even a maca based mochaccino. An example, but do browse for more:

Nutristrength This is where I eventually decided to stop and got myself convinced to buy their Classic Vanilla option. Obviously, pea protein based (so vegan), with stevia, but they added a little something to the mix that makes the stevia aftertaste completely disappear. I already had a couple of smoothies and have to say I love it. You can find it on Amazon as well:

Supplements & Drinks

Omega Zooki I had a particular sympathy for the team here because they are starting out. They came up with this collection of omega oils packed syrups that were delicious. They advise adding them to your smoothies, porridge or any other blend to ensure you ingest your daily healthy fats intake. Find them on their website, but also on here.

Kefir Zing Looking for a good, alcohol-free (as opposed to kombucha) and dairy-free probiotic drink? How about this drink which is both tasty and very gut friendly?

Fine Cocktails We walked up and down the aisles of the show and eventually also managed to find a good, natural, preservative-free cocktail drink. Yes, you can find anything in these allegry shows :D.


  • Omega Zooki Vegan Option
  • Omega Zooki Collection
  • Omega Zooki Stand
  • Kefir Zing Drinks
  • Fine Cocktails Collection


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