Cluj-Napoca places to see, (vegan) foods to eat

Recently visited Cluj for a few days. Among some of the things I did over there:

  • Saw Vlad’s newly acquired SocialBee office
  • Discovered a few new vegan options (below)
  • Visited Jazz in the Park market (I didn’t make it for the jazz nights though)
  • Did some more work on KnowYourMenu
  • Went to Belis, Fantanele Dam and Tarnita Dam (amazing places for a picnic!)
  • Met a lot of my home city friends
  • Played with my GoPro even some more 🙂 (“practice” video below 😛 )

Where can you decently have a meal if you are a vegan in Cluj?

Going out…

Samsara FoodHouse

Although I didn’t get to eat there this time, I’ve been told by a trusted vegan friend (yes, there are more like me where I come from 😀 ) that these guys have mean vegan options.

Grande Pizza

I was told from trusted sources that the chef over there is trained in vegan, raw cooking. And oh my god, she is! I had their lentil wraps and their home-made guacamole. Perfect mixes of everything.

Marty Restaurants

These guys are very interesting. Sometimes they surprise you with amazing foods and then the next moment they might disappoint you with their cooking methods or with their serving speed. I guess it depends on which restaurant you go to or what time of the day. However, they have this new “Vegelicious” menu and some of the stuff in there could be vegan (especially if you insist they cook it right with the waiter). However, you can’t go wrong with their hummus or their salads.

Eating in…

There are more and more stores that serve vegan products. One that has particularly impressed me is the Natur Bio store, which you can find for example at the entrance of the Cora supermarket, but most probably it’s in the Iulius shopping center as well.

Now I’ll leave you to my newly created video. Excuse the lack of any good content, it is just a goofy reminder of my days over there and test of my iMovie skills.

Cluj Napoca July 2017

A one week trip to Cluj Napoca. Lots of fooling around and classic music.

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