How do you interval train?

I’ve been asked so many times what type of workouts I do in the functional area on my own. So I decided to give as an example the workout I did today. By the way, I am very proud I managed to go to the gym so much earlier today than the usual 🙂

The way I’ve been working out lately is in 3 intervals, tabata style. I repeat each interval twice, each exercise in an interval is 35-40 secs long with a break of 10 secs in between. You can easily use apps to time everything. The one I use is MyTabata. The whole workout should last somewhere around 30 mins, which is great in the morning, before going to work. Plus, you’ll slowly notice a dramatic increase in your metabolism.

Note! Don’t forget to warmup and cooldown/stretch at the end! I can’t emphasize enough how important these two parts are. Yes! You out there who at the end of a class/workout decide to walk around the room and rack your equipment while everyone else is stretching, stop it. Do your stretching or we won’t see you for long in the gym! 😉

Interval 1

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Squat jumps
  • Boat abs with leg drops

Interval 2

  • High knees
  • One leg box jump
  • Leg raises
  • Sumo squats

Interval 3

  • Burpees with jump
  • Box/step jump
  • Side plank with hip raise
  • Criss-cross abs


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