How’s life after … employment?

I keep on being asked this question over and over again. It’s like I crossed on the other side and people want to know if the grass is as green as they are imagining it. 🙂

To give a bit of context, I have been working in the software development industry for almost 11 years. I’ve had a job with a startup (I co-founded, actually), then jumped into the corporate environment. Initially, I worked in an outsourcing/offshoring environment (“on the shore” side, so to speak 😀 ), in Romania. Still, working for big companies. Then I moved to London and worked for Gumtree, which is an eBay subsidiary. But no point in boring anyone with an experience they can read about. The bottom line is, I have been working continuously in medium-big companies for the last 9 years or so. 2 weeks in a row had been the longest vacation I had ever taken. Once. 😀

Then I quit my job to follow my passions and dreams.

So, to come back to your question…

Well, first of all, in theory, I’ve only had a couple of weeks of real, stay-at-home unemployment. Another couple of weeks I was away in Peru. Those don’t count because I was enjoying a vacation, instead of contemplating upon my situation :).

But if you want a “status update” (as the corporate environment puts it) …

I’m struggling in between two answers 😀 : one that will make you jealous as hell or the other that will get you thinking. Maybe I will give you both..

Make-you-jealous answer

Life after employment is a bliss.

  • I get to chill a lot
  • I get to wake up at any time I want and obviously go to bed at any time I want (especially after you are jet lagged from a vacation in Peru).
  • I get to see the sun during the day! Now I sound like a jailbreaker, but it’s true. Being in concrete offices all day is like being a groundhog.
  • I get to choose what I want to do whenever I want to do it.

It’s complete freedom!

Or maybe not..

Make-you-think answer

The first thing I realized is that initially (but while I was still part-timing), I wanted to chill, waste time, do nothing, watch movies, do nothing. Honeymoon period. That was definitely a rebellion against all the stress from before. I  got bored and over that phase in about 2-3 days.

Then after a few days of over-sleeping and late-sleeping, and especially with the jet leg, I started getting annoyed with my chaotic schedule. I am a person who is all about efficiency. Always highly organized, very active, I very quickly became annoyed with my tiredness during the day. So some structure needed to be put back in place. So now I am back to waking up early, going to bed (reasonably) late, eating at the right times, etc.

I started to think it’s too good to be true or that it won’t last for long. Because it won’t! (haha). For example, I know I have limited resources to live off of. Money starts becoming more and more relevant. With a reasonable consistent salary, I didn’t use to worry that much. And even though I did my maths before making this step, I did start being more calculated in my costs. Not to mention, the first few days (after the honeymoon 😛 ) I canceled all kinds of known and unknown subscriptions I had. Bye, bye Spotify Premium! I started calculating every purchase in “days of extra contribution” to my unemployment.

I started thinking about extra income on minimum effort or existing activities. And this is where creativity comes into play. For the right amount of pocket money (wink wink), I will share with you all the ideas that crossed my mind 😀 .

I have a few projects going on. One of which is a nutritional recommendation engine that you can read about here. Needless to say, I need to get those going asap. So, big to-do lists, meetings and a lot of work ahead. Yep, there you have it, another job!

So this ends my rant. What do you think?


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