Before another adventure

Yellow! I am starting the Inca Trail trek tomorrow.

For 4 days I will be hiking the Inca’s path through the mountains from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu. Again, I went through the challenge of packing my backback with the minimum amount of weight – even though I actually exercised this process a few times in London, just before leaving to Peru. I think I am at the point where I will just have to find out how to do it.. on the trek.

A few details of what’s ahead – based on what I remember from our briefing with the agency:

Day 1 (Easy) – 13 kms

  • pick up from hotel at 5 and drive to Ollantaytambo – and Piscacucho (2600 m)
  • start trek by crossing over the Urubamba river
  • go up to Wayllabamba and camp there (3100 m)

Day 2 (Challenge) – 13 kms

  • Go up towards the first pass, and the highest, Dead Womans’ Pass (4215 m)
  • Then go down towards Pacaymayu where we camp (3500 m)

Day 3 (Unforgetable) – 16 kms

  • Go up towards the second pass Qochapata (3950 m)
  • Then go down to Winay Wayna where we camp (2700 m)

Day 4 (Unique) – 5 kms

  • Wake up at 3 am and hike during the night so that we can reach Machu Picchu gate by early morning
  • Enjoy Machu Picchu for a few hours then head towards Wayna Picchu and/or the hot springs
  • Head back to Ollantaytambo by train and Cusco by bus

This is basically the plan – on paper.

Plan on paper, literally “on paper” ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s see how it will pan out.

My concerns right now? Hahaha

  • Have I packed my porter baggage too heavy?
  • Do I have enough warm clothes, especially for the nights? I hate to be cold.. And don’t like being cold when I need to sleep.
  • Do I have too many or too few snacks? Digression alert: My veganism has gone to hell in Peru ๐Ÿ˜€. I ย always gave an example to people that if I were on top of a mountain and was offered eggs or butter as my only options, then I would have that. Well, it happened too many times here. Omlette and pancakes made with eggs have become a breakfast I have every other day. I don’t even want to think where they added butter in stuff. Anyway, another post on my “betrayal” of my lifestyle.
  • Will I be cold at night? (intentional repeat haha)
  • Oh, and need to be careful with how much I eat. Smaller, regular portions work better for me when I exercise – lesson learnt the hard way, especially on the trek to the Rainbow Mountain
  • Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to drink plenty of water – says she as she took another sip from the bottle next to her
  • Anything else I should be concerned about? – yes, even that can be a concern in itself ๐Ÿ˜€