Vienna is a very relaxed city

Vienna is a very relaxed city

If I were to make a top of European cities, it’d be:

  1. Vienna
  2. Barcelona
  3. London
  4. Valencia
  5. Geneva

Vienna in words

So last week, I went to Vienna. For the n-th time!

I love this city, but here are a few things that struck me:

  • it’s very airy – streets are wide, buildings are wide, not that tall though
  • the weather was amazing – I think we were lucky because it was up to 30 C and that apparently is unusual
  • not everyone speaks English, contrary to the belief – I had a hard time ordering my food in some places.
  • ATMs require your card first, before they even ask whether you want to switch the language – I spent 5 mins dumbfounded in front of an ATM because I couldn’t figure out how to use it haha
  • they have “fast trains” or “schnell” trains even within the city and they look very fancy
  • you can easily go every place by public transport within 40 mins or so
  • their sidewalks are made with smooth concrete pavement, not the squares you see in London – makes it easier to ride
  • lots of kicking scooters – because sidewalks are so easy to ride 😀
  • the general atmosphere feels like a vacation – not lots of people on the street, no one seems to run places, they even stand on the left on escalator stairs (whaaaaaat?! how dare they?!)

Conclusion: London is very crammed and busy

Vienna in video

Vienna on coffee

Our trip to Vienna. We had one long weekend and among the things we visited were: The Schombrunn Palace with its gardens, a maze inside, the Stadtpark, the Belvedere, the Prat and eventually the Ernst stadion

Vienna in pictures

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