Vegan Options in Paris

Vegan Options in Paris

I’ve recently visited Paris. Thanks to a couple of skiing trips, I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into in terms of vegan meal options. Let’s just say that I was that one person who was eating lettuce on top of a mountain, while my friends were indulging with schnitzel and Apfel¬†strudel ūüėÄ .¬†To be honest, I have vegan friends who said they will start avoiding France just because there’s nothing on their menu.

So, I will give you below a list of places I’ve been to along with what I had.

Le Puits De Legumes


Location: 18 Rue Cardinal Lemoine 75005

If you are around Notre Dame, then this is a nice place to go to.


They had a nice daily menu made out of entrees, mains and desserts. For any two combinations, you’d pay 17 euros.


For entrees, we decided to go with:

Salad aux avocados et pamplemousse  (Avocado Salad with Grapefruit)

Very good and very big for an entree. The grapefruit complements very well the rest od the salad.

Gaspacho (it is what it is! ūüėÄ )

Very refreshing after a day of touristy things.


For mains, here were our choices:

Curry Doux de Tofu (Soft Tofu Curry)

It was very tasty and the tofu was heavenly. Definitely recommend. It had a side of lentil and rice which made it very consistent and full of great fiber.

Couscous Vegetarien (Vegetarian Couscous)

Couscous was just the bedding. On top, I had a mix of butternut squash, courgette and carrots. Everything nicely blending together with a sauce, which reminded me of some of the slow cooked dhals. I barely had it all. ūüôā


Aloy Aloy

Website: TripAdvisor Review

Location: 61 rue des 3 Freres, 75018 Paris, France

Another place we visited was a family-owned Thai restaurant. It is in the heart of Monmartre, so if you are on your way to the Sacre-Coeur  Basilica, then definitely pay this one a visit.

If you are there, try the following:

Spring Rolls

Aloy Aloy Spring rolls

Boboun au choix Рfor vegan go with Vegetarien

It’s basically a noodle with vegetables pad thai in an amazing sauce.

Sorry, no picture for this one.


Treats and snacks

The nachos and guacamole on the banks of Seine

It was a nice terrace near Pont Marie, probably belonging to the cruise company Vedettes de Paris. This was located right next to their boat boarding spot.


Sorbet at Louise

Website: Louise Les Glaces

If you are a vegan in Paris, probably the safest bet for a dessert is a sorbet. Everything else pretty much contains dairy and/or cheese. I definitely recommend the Louise ice cream company. We had their sorbets both on the Eiffel Tower and in the Louvre Museum. I know! You might think they are too touristy, but honestly… the tastiest, fruitiest sorbets I’ve had in a while. We tried their dark chocolate, raspberry and lemon flavors on both occasions and they were great.




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